1. The facilities are located at Four Releet Sports Ground, Church Street, Bocking Braintree CM7 5LJ.

  2. Braintree Hockey Club does not accept liability for any injuries sustained by the hirer or representatives while on the Four Releet Sports Ground.

  3. Use of Four Releet Sports Ground Facilities is at the users own risk.

  4. Payment terms are in advance of use for block bookings. Invoices will be issued monthly and should be paid within 14 days of receipt of the invoice. Failure to adhere to this and Braintree Hockey Club have the right to cancel the rest of the hire.

  5. The cost of hire for any cancellation caused by Braintree Hockey Club will be refunded.

  6. Notifications of cancellation by Braintree Hockey Club will be by e-mail.

  7. Only Trainers or Astro’s can be used on the Astro pitch. NO STUDS, damage used by incorrect footwear will be charged.

  8. No smoking is allowed on the Astro Pitch or in the Clubhouse or Changing rooms. Failure to adhere to this rule may make the hirer liable to cleaning costs.

  9. No alcohol or glass is allowed within the confines of the Astro area.

  10. All rubbish must be taken away with you or placed in the bins in the grounds.

  11. The clubhouse door and the changing room doors must be locked if you have used them and have the key.

  12. The Gate to the ground must be locked when you finished. The code will be supplied. This code is for your use only and not distributed to people who you have not authorised.

  13. The Hirer will be responsible for the behavior of those using our facilities during the period of Hire.

  14. The car park is not a race track it is a car park. Incorrect use of the Car park will cause the cancellation of your hire period.

  15. The Hirer will ensure that every time our facilities are used during the period of hire the confirmation issued by the Bookings officer is available for inspection by any member of Braintree Hockey Club.

  16. Any issues during the period of the hire should be taken up with Braintree Hockey Club Bookings officer.