Limited Company

Braintree Hockey Club has a Limited company charged with managing Four Releet Sports Ground and the facilities within it. 

As of 2016 there is Braintree Hockey Ltd who manage Four Releet and Dunmow Hockey Ltd who manage the land in Dunmow, work is currently being undertaken on the Ltd companies to reduce all under one company.

The Ltd company is managed by a board of Directors who are appointed at the AGM by the Hockey Club members, the term of membership is for three years however this is staggered to avoid all directors leaving or being voted out at the same time. They each have a portfolio and these are listed below, with the Facilities Officer sitting on the club Executive Committee. Amendments are being made in line with AGM 2016 directives.

The Directors are joined on a management committee by a representative Notley Football club. Meetings are held every two months and the minutes are exhibited in the Clubhouse.



Dave Summersgill: Facilities Officer, Portfolios for Replacing the Astro Pitch, Grants and Utilities.

Darren Webb: Portfolio for Health and Safety

Belinda Young: Portfolio for Grounds and Cleaning

David Whipps: Portfolio for Legal Matters

Bruce Hanley: Portfolio for Clubhouse, Changing Rooms, Security & Insurance.

Bob Freeman: Company Secretary; Portfolio for Finance, Companies House.

Brian Muir