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All prospective members of Braintree Hockey Club are required to complete this registration form, submit it and where applicable setup a standing order with your bank, if you require a form please contact the Membership officer on All details will be kept on Fixtureslive website with access restricted to authorised admin only.
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Please note a concession is someone aged over 65, Unemployed or in Full Time Education playing senior hockey.
Please select the appropriate category applicable to you. Please choose concession if you are aged over 65, Unemployed or in Full Time Education playing senior hockey.
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There are two options for players to pay monies this year: 1. One figure represents Membership plus all match fees except as stated below. This can be paid in full, over 12 equal monthly payments or over the season which is 7 monthly payments. 2. Maintain current system of paying annual subscription in same payment methods as in 1 plus the appropriate match fees at every game played. NB. There is no change to Juniors not playing seniors hockey as there are no match fees most weeks. Braintree Hockey club’s preferred option is for all members to pay the new rate either in one payment or 7 monthly payments, thus avoiding the collection each week or match fees.
Member information
Would you be interested in being a team manager ?
Would you be interested in learning to coach and or umpire? (Please state which one or both)
Would you be interested in being a club officer?
What skills do you have that could help develop the club? (e.g. web design, accounting, printing, planning, sponsorship,building etc)
Medical Information and Consent
In case of emergency and as part of the clubs responsibility to its membership, ALL club members are required to complete this medical in-formation form as accurately as possible. Details will be held securely.
Declaration *
It is a requirement of club policy that parental consent is provided for participation, transportation and photography. The Braintree HC members Code of Conduct and Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Hockey Policy are available in the club handbook.
TRANSPORTATION: I consent to my son/daughter* travelling to venues for matches and training by transport provided by the club which may include travelling in other players private cars. PHOTOGRAPHY: In some environments, particularly adult competition it is impossible to control photography by external parties, however, I am aware that there may be times that photographs and/or footage maybe taken during matches and training sessions by approved agents and/or officers of Braintree HC. Such images shall only be used for publicity/training purposes in accordance with the Braintree HC Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Hockey Policy and Photography Policy and give consent for my son/ daughter to feature in such photos/ images. I hereby only grant approved agents the right to use the images resulting from the photo/film shoots. This includes any reproductions or adaptations of the images for all general purposes i.e. local newspapers, local magazines, other promotional articles (inc.. flyers) and the club’s website.
Whilst it is not compulsory for the following sections to be completed, the paragraph below explains why this personal information is considered to be important. Sport can and does play a major role in promoting the inclusion of all groups in society. However, inequalities have existed within sport particularly in relation to gender, race and disability. Sport England and England Hockey are committed to promoting and developing sports equity, which is about fairness in sport, equality of access, recognising inequalities and taking steps to address them. By monitoring the profile of people in sports clubs, national governing bodies of sport and Sport England can identify any issues relating to under representa-tion of different groups and can develop strategies to ensure that all people have the opportunity in the future to develop and progress in sport. England Hockey requests this data from clubs as part of the annual affiliation process and completing this data accurately enables the club to give an accurate picture to England Hockey on our membership.
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