Hockey Starts at Phoenix

Having kicked the new season of with club day all the teams at senior level commence with friendlies this week, with a chance to get into form for the new season.

This year has seen some changes of personnel with some players going to University and one or two deciding to leave the club for other reasons, however as always we are pleased to see some new blood coming into the club and also seeing some more of our Juniors from Blue Hornets progress into the senior squads. More players are required so come next year we may be able to consider introducing a 5th Men's team and/or a 4th Ladies team.

Three of our teams, Ladies 1, Ladies 2 and Men's 4 tread new territory as all got promoted last year, we wish them well as well as our new captains.

All our teams will appreciate support so if you want to watch Hockey please come down this and every Saturday to have a look, who knows you may get bitten by the hockey bug and want to try it.

Posted on September 3, 2014 .