Organisations need people to run them and volunteers are the backbone of most sports clubs - BHC is no different. We are always looking for helpers at the club - some jobs involve more work than others but we can always find a role to suit the time you have available. Ultimately, without volunteers, we can’t play hockey and our club wouldn’t exist.

There are plenty of reasons why volunteering can be a positive thing to do. It can help you gain confidence, learn new skills, make you feel valued and part of a team and it’s a way of giving back to your club, especially if you yourself have gained something from being part of the club.

If you enjoy the hockey side and want to help others fulfil their potential, assisting with coaching, helping run informal sessions, becoming a team captain or umpire are all rewarding roles to take on.

On the social side, why not get involved in helping run events or serving behind the bar in the clubhouse? Or if you have some sales or marketing experience, we’re always looking for people to help promote the club to the wider community. And for those who have useful practical skills, there is always painting, repairing, fixing and clearing to be done around the grounds.

Please do get in touch if you have a few hours to spare. We have role descriptions available to help you understand what any specific role requires in the way of skills and time:

Nicola Douglas
Ladies Chair
T: 07720 931509